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We try a hardest to make sure your puppy has a smooth transition into your household but this is what you need to know.

Yay! your new puppy has arrived from Hustle Line Kennels and you are happier then can be, but now it time to get into puppy parent mode.

1) Schedule a appointment with your vet for a check up. You should have received a print out of your puppies first vet visit from us. Take that print out to the vet with you so they can tell you what is the next step for your puppy. We offer a 6 month health guarantee under the agreement that you have your new puppy examined by a licensed vet withing 2 business days of its arrival. Though we take great pride in sending a healthy puppy home with its new owners, we also want to make sure that your vet has a baseline of your puppies health.

2) Choosing a good food for your new puppy can seem like a difficult challenge but we can try to make it a little simpler for you. Your puppy should have arrived with a small baggy of food our local food Valu Pak with a little Ultra 24 sprinkled on it.

That is our brand of choice because of it local availability but here are a few brands that we also recommend: VICTOR Dog Food Purpose, Diamond Naturals, and Purina Pro Plan. The Ultra 24 is a universal milk replacement that puppies love. we mix about 2 ounces of Ultra 24 with about 6 ounces of warm water and pour it on our puppies food, it will encourage your puppy to eat and will also help your puppy transition to its new food. Please always be mindful that puppies an have sensitive stomachs, if you are unsure about a feeding regimen or how to transition your puppy to different foods, please call us or contact your local vet.

3) Raw feeding is a great thing for dog despite some urban legends. No it does not make the dog/puppy aggressive. All are puppies are introduced to raw ground beef before they leave us. If you decided to start feeding your dog raw beef, be sure to do your research or call us if you are not familiar with the process. Raw feeding has some great benefits that you can usually see very quickly, but raw feeding is not always the most convenient.

4) If you selected to get you puppies ears cropped by us, please refer to the guide on ear cropping care. There should be a guide in your puppy packet.

5) Registering your puppy is simple. Your puppy will come with an ABKC application for permanent registration. This is what many people refer to as "papers". Follow the link above to read ABKC,s guide to applying. If you have any other questions, feel free to call us.

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