Q: What does picking order 1st pick/2nd pick mean?
A: Picking order means the order you get to pick your puppy. Say we have a litter of 10 puppies. 5 males and 5 females. If you want to be the first one to pick out of all the available males you would get “1st pick male”. If you wanted “4th pick male”, you would have to wait until the other three families have picked their puppy and then you would have your choice of the remaining male puppies. 
Q: Can we crop your pup's ears?
A: Yes, we can crop your pups ears for an additional $300.
Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping is $500 anywhere in the United States unless different price negotiated. Other countries rates vary anywhere from $1500-$2500 depending on the regulations and paperwork required.


Q: Do wire (RETRIEVER) kennels come with kennel decks?

A: No, Kennel decks are made for people that already have 5x10, 10x10, 4x8, or 8x8 kennels but they do come with the new set up.


Q: How do I clean underneath kennels?

A: Kennels are designed with 6-10 inches of clearance, typically a farmers' rake will allow you to clean underneath. If waste is too far to reach, the plastic flooring is removable for deep cleaning. Please watch video below for further information.

Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes, we deliver. Typically about .75-.90 cents per mile from zip code 72364. Local prices may be less. Larger order shipping can be discounted.

Q: How long does it take to get my kennel

A: Every order is built to order. Decks and single bay kennels typically take a week to build and schedule delivery. If orders are higher, delays may occur but that will be explained at the time of ordering if it occurs.