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Dog obesity has always been a pet owners concern, but what about the dogs that are hard gainers!

If you've tried everything and just haven't seen he weight gains you want for your bully or pit bull, here are a few tips to help you out.

1) Genetics play a HUGE role when it comes to a dogs size, which is why a dogs pedigree is very import to understand. So always remember DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you haven't read "WANNA BE A BREEDER" yet, check it out first.

2) Feeding your dog the best quality food you can afford, is the best way to see your dog at its best potential. I am a big fan of Victor, Diamond Naturals, and Valu-Pak. 2 A+ rated foods and one C rated food. Be careful what foods you try because bullies have very sensitive skin.


A raw diet or partial raw diet will give you night a day results remember that not every dog is the same though. Some dogs will have no problem on a raw diet. other will have loose stools and gas which means you need to ease it in their diet more slowly or change the type of raw meat your feeding. I have found that beef is by far the best meat for my dogs, in my budget. Remember that store bought dog food is very processed so dogs bodies may take some time to get use to a raw diet. think of it this way. if you ate Hot Pockets every day since you were a baby then started eating gourmet steak one day, your body may react differently also.

4) Schedule, schedule, schedule.... dogs digest food a bit faster than humans, mainly because they are meant to eat raw meat. try to feed you dog more often with smaller amounts of food. They will get into the habit of finishing their bowl and gradually increase the amount of food you put in their bowl until they don't finish.

5. Try some supplements. We are big fans of Ultra 24 and Dyne they will add some healthy fats and calories to your dogs diet. Use in moderation though.

6. "Make it moist". Try adding a little water to your dogs food, don't make is cereal though, just enough to soften it up. Or add some moist canned dog food and see if they like it. Warning: this has given all my dogs gas and diarrhea at first but i have heard many people saying it has shown great results for them.

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