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Many people have a lot of "bro knowledge" or myths about which puppy to choose. hopefully this will shed some light on some truth.

So you reserved a pick of a litter and they all look great. you can't decide which one to get. hopefully this post will shed some light on a few topics to think about.

1. Size: A puppy's size doesn't always mean that puppy will be the best pick for you. A lot of puppies are large at 6 weeks then as the develope, they end up being smaller then their littermates. Focus on the fundamentals. Conformation is key. Meaning focus on the puppies correctness, do a little research to see what the breed type is.

2. Big bone, big head, muscle definition, compactness. These are a few things that i have noticed that stays with you dog as it goes into adulthood.

3. To some people size and structure is not a deal breaker. Usually pet home only people. There is nothing wrong with that. in that case you want to focus much more on a puppies temperament. How playful is the puppy, how chill is the puppy, is the puppy energetic...? Temperament is important for anybody selecting a new puppy but much more important for pet home owners.

4. Do your research on the pedigree. Don't expect to get a baby gorilla when there are only cheetahs in the pedigree. maybe a bad analogy but what i'm trying to say is the pedigree will help you understand that puppies limitations as far as growth. As the breeder to explain the pedigrees and send you pictures if possible.

5. Many people select puppies off of attributes such as coat color, eye color, and other superficial features. That can lead you down a slippery slope if that's all you're focusing on. Don't get me wrong, we love color just a much as the next, just make sure you don't get tunnel vision due to color alone.

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