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Hustle Line Kennels is home of the best american bullies and pit bulls


Hustleline Kennels

Here at HustleLine Kennels, we specialize in producing the healthiest, best-tempered American Bullies. There is no secret recipe. We also strive to break down the aggressive stigma of the bully breeds. Every breeding we facilitate has a purpose. 

We are professional American Bully breeders and outdoor kennel builders located on the Eastern border of Arkansas, 20 minutes from Downtown Memphis, Tennessee.
Every bully we own has had a detailed pedigree analysis on size, structure, functionality, health, and temperament

We strive to prove that every dog has unique characteristics just like every human. The American Bully is a clean-hearted and good-natured dog that strives to please. With a great foundation and positive correction, their potential is limitless.


About Us

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Puppy Contracts

Stud Contracts

Puppy Deposit is $500.
We accept PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, Western Union, Walmart to Walmart.


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Our Studs

Take a look in to our studs. 

If you want more information about studding feel free to contact. 



Don't forget to see the ladies of the kennel. These girls put in their work.



Are you looking to purchase a new puppy? Check out the puppy page to see if we have a current litter. 

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Frequently asked questions

Q. What is meant by "1st Pick Male, 2nd Pick Female" ect.?


A: This is the order in which a puppy buyer can pick their puppy. An example would be if we had a litter of 8 puppies (4 males & 4 females) and you put a deposit on "2nd Pick Female" you would basically be second in line to pick what female puppy you want, after the first pick person has chosen. 


*Pick selections are made at or before the puppies turn 6 weeks old. 


Q: Can you all crop your pups ears?


A: Yes, we can crop your pup's ears for an additional $300.

Q: Do you all ship puppies?


A: Yes, we have shippers that ship worldwide at the new puppy owners expense. The typical cost for the owner is $400-$600 for deliveries in the US.

Q: What all comes with my new puppy?


A: All puppies are fully dewormed and will receive their first set of shots (done by a licensed vet). The vet paperwork will be sent with your puppy, along with ABKC and/or UKC paperwork, documentation on ear crop care, a puppy transition guide and some food to ease the puppy’s transition to your food of choice.

Q: Will my puppy be house-broken?


A: We try our best to give the puppies the best foundation for house-breaking and kennel-training but at 8 weeks, most puppies have not completely grasped the concept.

Q: How can I trust you?

A: Check Out Our Instagram, Facebook, Email Me, Call Me, Ask For References,  See Some Of Our Puppy Owners, Google Us.



Ch. Grimm X Valerie

Breeding Going down march 2021

Email HustleLineKennels@gmail.com or Call For More Info 901.650.2388

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Available Spots

  • 1st Pick Male: $18,000 (HLK Buy Out)

  • 1st Pick Female : $20,000 (HLK Buy Out)

  • 2nd Pick Female: $8,000

  • 2nd Pick Male: $7,000

  • 3rd Pick Overall: $6,500

  • 3rd Pick Overall: $6,000

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