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HustleLine Kennels LLC (DBA HustleLine Kennels) is a well-established outdoor pet shelter e-retailer in Marion, AR. It offers first-rate and luxury dog kennels for discerning dog owners across the United States. The product line includes the Exotic Kennel, Fully Professional Kennel, Basic Professional Kennel, and more. These kennels have cutting- edge amenities, such as weatherproof fans, custom logo signs, waste collectors, plush turf, waterproof LED lighting, and spacious doghouses.

The business caters primarily to B2C customers, like high-profile persons, entertainers, business leaders, and athletes. Furthermore, our product's design is intricately crafted by hand and subjected to thorough quality assessments, all while offering customers personalized choices. These kennels set standards for pet comfort, security, and style, providing an aesthetically pleasing haven where dogs can thrive. Also, we aim to grow steadily by investing in team training and product development, achieving substantial revenue growth, and maintaining a clear timeline for reaching annual goals. These objectives will be guiding principles to run our activities and measure progress over time.

DELIVERY zone map

View our zone map to get an idea of the estimated delivery cost for your area.

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  • Where are you located?
    We have two locations one in Blake , New Jersey, and the other in Marion, Arkansas.
  • Do you deliver to my city?
    We deliver to 48 of the 50 states not including Hawaii and Alaska
  • Do you offer local pickup?
    Yes, prices are reduced for local pick up
  • Do you install, or do I have to hire somebody?
    Yes, we offer professional set up, prices are listed on the site
  • Will the dog house fit my dog?
    Our dog houses usually fit between small, medium and large dogs. Example French bulldogs, American pitbull terrier’s American bullies XL bullies German, shepherds Doberman, Rottweilers We are currently testing our extra large dog houses for dog breeds such as Cane Corso‘s, African mastiffs, XXL bullies
  • Are you kennels solar powered?
    We are currently in the design phase of our solar set up. Please ask about additional updates if you are interested.
  • How do you clean underneath the kennels?
    With our basic set ups, you can use a basic hose and a rake and shovel to clean the waist underneath for our premium set ups and up we offer a waste drainage collection system.
  • Where do you get your flooring?
    We currently sourced our flooring from a private wholesaler.
  • What warranty do you have on your product?
    All of our items come with a one-year structural warranty
  • Do your dog kennels come assembled or in kit form?
    All kennels are delivered fully built. Some large ones do require minimal on-site work, which our delivery drivers are trained to complete.
Contact Us

Use this form to learn more about our Outdoor Dog Kennels and any other questions.
(501) 661-5259 Headquarters - Marion, Arkansas 72364

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