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Q. What is meant by "1st Pick Male..., 2nd Pick Female...."?


A: This is the order in which a puppy buyer can pick their puppy. An example would be if we had a litter of 8 puppies (4 males & 4 females) and you put a deposit on "2nd Pick Female" you would basically be second in line to pick what female puppy you want, after the first pick person has chosen. 


*Pick selections are made at or before the puppies turn 6 weeks of age. 


Q: Can we crop your pups ears?


A: Yes, we can crop your pups ears for an additional $250.

Q: Do we ship puppies?


A: Yes, we have shippers that ship worldwide at the new puppy owners expense. Typically between $350-$500 nationally.

Q: What all comes with my new puppy?


A: All puppies are fully dewormed, will receive their first set of shots (done by a licensed vet), vet paperwork will be sent with your puppy, ABKC and/or UKC paperwork, documentation on ear crop care, a puppy transition guide, and some food to help ease the puppies transition to your food of choice.

Q: Will my puppy be house broken?


A: we try our best to give the puppies the best foundation for house breaking and kennel training but at 8 weeks, most puppies have not completely grasped the concept.

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